Performance Network goes green with the Irish comedy, 'Stones in His Pockets'

(March 3, 2015)


Things aren't just black and white in Performance Network's 'Yellowman'

(January 14, 2015)


Performance Network celebrates the season with 'Gift of the Magi' and 'This Wonderful Life'

(November 24, 2014)


Performance Network's 'Driving Miss Daisy' gets back to play's roots 

(September 24, 2014)


Performance Network Kickoff Weekend

(August 4, 2014)


Performance Network Theatre, under new management, announces new 2014-2015 season 

(July 23, 2014)


Fresh Start for Performance Network Theatre

(June 19, 2014)




2014-2015 Season


Driving Miss Daisy


"...a play that traffics in small-but-significant gestures, has demonstrated that Performance Network Theatre is back in a big way, artistically speaking." - Jenn McKee, MLive


"This production teases, charms and tantalizes. It makes the most of every moment, and shows in an almost palpable manner how a relationship grows from hostility to love." - Bridgette M. Redman, Encore Michigan


"This is a remarkable ensemble performance by three actors who age, change and develop before our eyes" - Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner


This Wonderful Life


"...Lepard’s talent is undeniable – his endearing, winning performance is a kind of clinic in acting..." ~ Jenn McKee, MLive


"John Lepard demonstrates mastery of an art form far older and closer to the heart than drama: storytelling." ~ John Quinn, Encore Michigan


""This Wonderful Life" is theater at its best, to be seen, savored and seen again. Lepard is that good." ~ Dan Skora, New Monitor


Gift of the Magi


"It's a joy that so many first-rate, original dramas flow from the inventive minds and handy word processors of local playwrights. We can add "Gift of the Magi" to the "nice" list of holiday treats. But artistic inspiration knows no season, and original theater in Michigan is a gift that keeps on giving." ~ John Quinn, Encore Michigan


"Sometimes the less assuming, small package under the Christmas tree turns out to be the one that surprises and moves you. And in the context of local theater productions, Performance Network Theatre’s world premiere production of Annie Martin’s “Gift of the Magi” qualifies." ~ Jenn McKee, MLive


""Gift of the Magi" is an engaging entertainment, both lightheartedly funny and immensely thought-provoking." ~ Dan Skora, New Monitor


"It's a quaint, funny tale of love and sacrifice, and it culminates in one of O. Henry's most famous literary twists." ~ Steven Sonoras, Special to The Detroit News


"In a world dominated by consumerism during the holiday season, it’s refreshing to have a simple reminder of thoughtful human connection. “Gift of the Magi” hits all the right notes and draws the audience in with its clever version of Christmas magic." ~ Christian Usera, The Ann Arbor Independent 


"This show is sweet without ever being over sentimental or cloying. Laughs abound – especially in the final scene. You’ll leaving humming a carol or two and resolving to be a better person – a worthwhile gift indeed." ~ Patty Nolan, Detroit Theater Examiner




"Really, though, “Yellowman”... is a kind of actors’ showcase, and Freeman and West are absolutely up to the task." ~ Jenn McKee, MLive 


"It’s a perfect script, acted by two people who bring it alive with an elegant honesty – all the joy, hope, sorrow, degradation, inspiration and despair." ~ Patty Nolan, Detroit Theater Examiner


"But we readily believe in their characters because they believe in them. There’s a bit of magic, then, in Freeman’s hypnotic, poetic description of Alma’s New York transformation. The ugly duckling becomes a swan with no more than a change of shoes." ~ John Quinn, Encore Michigan


"Freeman and West have delivered memorable performances in the past, but under director Lynch Travis, they reach career-topping heights." ~ John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press


Stones in His Pockets


"Hilarious, brilliant, engaging, slapsticky, cerebral, challenging." ~ Sally Mitani, Ann Arbor Observer


"Just 10 months after the financially struggling Performance Network abruptly closed its doors, the Ann Arbor theater is back where it belongs. "Stones in His Pockets," the fifth production from a new creative team, is a showcase for some of the area's best onstage and behind-the-scenes talent." ~ John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press


"A tour-de-force in playing multiple roles...To call their performances “energetic” is faint praise. Each artist handles the necessary delineations of character with aplomb; each brings a wicked sense of humor to their cross-gender roles." ~ John Quinn, Encore Michigan


"It is a treat to see the craftsmanship with which these two actors create an entire village of three-dimensional people. They perform with the accuracy of high-wire circus performers; there is not a vague moment or unintended gesture in the entire performance." ~ Patty Nolan, Detroit Theater Examiner


"Huff and Parker do great work with both their accents and their various characters... and you have to admire their attention to detail. Sometimes both actors stride across the stage, nearly in step, in order to jump into the persona of different characters, but the way is always clear, the pace unflagging." ~ Jenn McKee, MLive


"The script, written by Belfast-based playwright Marie Jones, is about disappointment, a loss of purpose, the hard, important work of telling your own story, and the sometimes fatal consequence of losing hope. It's also very funny." ~ Damn Arbor 


"Together, Huff and Parker portray the show's dozen-plus characters, both male and female. Much of the excitement of the show comes from their quick change antics, accomplished with little more than changes of caps, trousers and expressions." ~ Dan Skora, New Monitor



From Fox 2 Detroit interview with James Bowen and Nancy Kammer regarding City Theatre run of "Driving Miss Daisy" October 2014.


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