Open Table Series


The Open Table Series offers table readings of scripts of all kinds, whether plays, musicals, or new works, in an intimate setting. Playwrights, actors, and directors, or anyone interested in having a script read in front of an audience are welcome to submit their idea to the Network for consideration. Readings begin at 7:30pm and are FREE. Talkbacks will follow each reading.


2014-2015 Schedule

The 2014-2015 schedule for the series will be announced as opportunities arise.


October 8 and 15, 2014: "An Iliad" by Homer and performed by John Manfredi


February 4, 2015: Dan Bilich’s 7.4 ­ The Ballad of Mrs. Maloney

Aided and abetted by her young nephew, Mildred Maloney broadcasts her magically transformative poems from a radio station in her living room, transmitting at her favorite number, 7.4. Trouble is, 7.4 is licensed to WSTPD, the local Classic Rock station, one of 263 radio stations controlled by Byron Bel Canto, owner and CEO of Bellicose Breweries. Conflict ensues.


February 11, 2015: Gidion’s Knot by Johnna Adams

Over the course of a 90­minute parent/teacher conference, a grieving mother and an emotionally overwhelmed primary school teacher have a fraught conversation about the tragic suicide of the mother's son, the teacher's student, Gidion. Gidion may have been bullied severely ­­ or he may have been an abuser. As his story is slowly uncovered, the women try to reconstruct a satisfying explanation for Gidion's act and come to terms with excruciating feelings of culpability.


February 25, 2015: The Most Dangerous Highway In The World by Kevin Artigue

A fearless eight year old businessman makes his living selling fish and directing traffic with a coke bottle on the highway connecting Jalalabad to Kabul, Afghanistan. Soldiers, generals and ghosts are no match for this little fighter with a knack for surviving the toughest challenges.


March 11, 2015: Cottage Retreat by local playwright Annie Martin

Amy arrives at the cottage to complete a mission in the name of her old friend Nancy. But will the rest of their friends stand in her way? With a fridge full of beer, hilarious barbs are flying around in the dusty air. This unplanned trip will test their bonds and keep you laughing.


March 18, 2015: Our Lady of Poison by Joseph Zettelmaier

1659, Rome, Italy. Giulia Tofana and her daughter Girolama are beloved apothecaries and friends to the downtrodden. Those who know them well also know that they're the most prominent poisoners in the city. They've spent decades providing unfortunate women a means to free themselves from unwanted husbands. When the young bride of a nobleman requests their help, an unexpected romance blossoms. But that very love threatens to destroy the life Giulia has built for her family.


April 29: Guys and Dolls with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows

Guys and Dolls is a musical romantic comedy involving the unlikeliest of Manhattan pairings: a high-rolling gambler and a puritanical missionary, a showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap game manager who is anything but. John Manfredi and Naz Edwards will be participating.


May 13: Spiritual Bliss by Stephen Cooper


May 20, June 17 and 24: TBD readings in consideration for the Northern Writer's Project (September 2015)