"Hilarious, brilliant, engaging, slapsticky, cerebral, challenging." ~ Sally Mitani, Ann Arbor Observer


"Just 10 months after the financially struggling Performance Network abruptly closed its doors, the Ann Arbor theater is back where it belongs. "Stones in His Pockets," the fifth production from a new creative team, is a showcase for some of the area's best onstage and behind-the-scenes talent." ~ John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press


"A tour-de-force in playing multiple roles...To call their performances “energetic” is faint praise. Each artist handles the necessary delineations of character with aplomb; each brings a wicked sense of humor to their cross-gender roles." ~ John Quinn, Encore Michigan


"It is a treat to see the craftsmanship with which these two actors create an entire village of three-dimensional people. They perform with the accuracy of high-wire circus performers; there is not a vague moment or unintended gesture in the entire performance." ~ Patty Nolan, Detroit Theater Examiner


"Huff and Parker do great work with both their accents and their various characters... and you have to admire their attention to detail. Sometimes both actors stride across the stage, nearly in step, in order to jump into the persona of different characters, but the way is always clear, the pace unflagging." ~ Jenn McKee, MLive


"The script, written by Belfast-based playwright Marie Jones, is about disappointment, a loss of purpose, the hard, important work of telling your own story, and the sometimes fatal consequence of losing hope. It's also very funny." Damn Arbor 


"Together, Huff and Parker portray the show's dozen-plus characters, both male and female. Much of the excitement of the show comes from their quick change antics, accomplished with little more than changes of caps, trousers and expressions." ~ Dan Skora, New Monitor